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DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
DS18B20 Stainless Steel Package Waterproof Temperature Sensor
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    Product Details

    DS18B20 Stainless Steel Package Waterproof Temperature Sensor

    Working voltage: 3.0V ~ 5.5V power supply
    Resolution: 9 to 12 adjustable resolution
    Temperature range -55°C to +125°C (lead can only withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees)
    Product size:  lead length 1M
    Unique single bus interface without external components
    Output leads: red (VCC), yellow (DATA), blue (GND)

    1. Cold storage temperature monitoring

    2. Pharmaceutical factory GMP monitoring system

    3. Telecom room monitoring

    4. Beer production

    5. Building automation

    6. Warehouse temperature monitoring

    7. Environmental monitoring

    8. Process temperature monitoring

    9. Air conditioning monitoring

    10. Incubation temperature control

    11 , aquaculture temperature measurement

    12, greenhouse greenhouse temperature monitoring

    13, household refrigerator

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