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Onbon BX-6W0 WIFI
Onbon BX-6W0 WIFI LED Scrolling Sign controller Card
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    Product Details

    Onbon BX-6W0 WIFI LED Scrolling Sign controller Card

    Technical parameters


    Launched into market in May 2018

    Control size

    Single color 32K2048*161024*32512*64

    Dual color 24K1536*16768*32384*64

    Tri color 16K: 1024*16512*32256*64128*128



    Software function

    Softawre function

    group sending/multi-program edit/

    multi-area display/multi-lanuage version

    Program quantity

    Support 128 programs

    Area quantity

    Each program maximum support 8 areas

    Area type

    Weather/Image&text//sub/animation /lunar/ time/dial/timer/sensor areas


    Program shine border /Area shine border


    Lunar /Dial/ Chinese and English clock/timer (all support multi-groups)

    Display effect

    Moving smoothness

    It will not get cross lines when move left,

    and will not shake when lower the moving speed.
    the brightness will not be lower

    when move left in a long screen;

    program stability

    Support adjusting moving speed; high refresh rate,

    stable running on screen;

    Module compatibility


    Support all kinds of single/dual/tri color LED modules

    Row driving IC

    Support 74HC595, SM16188,etc,

    those main stream LED driving chip,

    but do not support all PWM chip

    Row decoding IC

    Support 74HC138 and the modules without row coding
    Do not support other row coding chip, will be supported later

    Scan mode

    Support smart scan,

    and support all the scan type from static to 1/32

    Module empty spot

    Support any empty spot

    RGB signal

    Support defining RGB signal



    2 nos T75+2 nos T8+4 nos T12



    Sensor interface

    IR /temperature/temp&humidity/

    brightness sensor socket on board

    Important functions


    Support select program/lock screen/

    brightness adjustment/power on & off/screen test


    Support temperature/temp&huidity/brightness sensor

    Brightness adjust

    16 grade brightness, support manual /timing/auto adjust mode

    Remote switch

    Support auto timing switch,software/remote switch

    Weather report

    Support China & overseas weather report

    Program group sending

    Support program self-adaption

    Parameters fast match

    Support save and read-back the screen parameters

    Any layout

    Support arbitrary typesetting rules in Mongolian,

    Hebrew, Arabic, etc, easy to make vertical font

    Wireless communication


    Wireless transferring
    Support TCP/IP/UDP
    Support router/bridging mode
    Support 802.11b/g/n wireless standard
    Support heartbeat signal, indication of WIFI connection

    Transfer distance

    ≤200M (suggest ≤100M in application)

    Wireless standard

    802.11 b/g/n

    Working frequency



    Inside Antenna

    Firmware update

    Firmware update

    support firmware update online

    Secondary development


    Support static area development,

    supply the c# java VBC++  development tools

    Electricity parameters

    working voltage

    5V3.5V6V wide working voltage

    Max power


    working  temperature



    PC software


    Phone APP

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